Nancy and Kjartan’s Wedding - Reception


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Newlyweds dancing

Mother and brother of the bride, Mary DeLisle and Joe DeLisle.

Again, by a different photographer (we’ve lost track of who took what picture)

Mother of the groom with her husband (Ellen Sætre and Aage Johannessen)

The father of the groom and his wife (Stefán Aðalsteinsson and Erla Jónsdóttir)

The best man (Stefán Einar) giving a toast (or a roast)

The cutting of the cake

Gústi (of Carberry´s) also baked a traditional Scandinavian ring cake.

The daughters-in-law of the Stefansson clan

The groom and his sister-in-law,

Nancy dancing with her wild father-in-law


Stefan and Ranie

Guests clink glasses, groom kisses bride, groom gets slapped by an overly protective mother-in-law.