Balloon trip, June 10, 2001

We celebrated Shawn’s 40th birthday with a hot air balloon trip.  Click on the images below for a larger view.


First the balloon has to be inflated.  Remember, you don’t blow up a balloon.  That’s bad.  You inflate it.  That’s good.




The inside of the balloon becomes a spectacular dome


We’re ready to take off!

Kjartan, Nancy, Shawn and John

(Toni, Joe, Cindy and Charlie and pilot Dick are right behind us).


Successful takeoff!


The rest is history… a beautiful flight over North Brookfield

(apparently that term covers half of Western Massachusetts).




Cindy and Charlie


The landing was somewhat of an excitement…


Brushing the treetops towards a landing field


And a couple of bumps later…


Safe on the ground again!


The deflating process



Thanks to John for organizing this and thanks to Aerial Adventures for a great trip!